My undercover record label currently with two releases:

Christian Marclay Festival

Featured artist during the Festival, organizing and performing numerous Marclay compositions including 64 Bells and a Bow, Screenplay, Covers, and The Bell and The Glass. Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC (2010)

Artist Talk: Zeena Parkins (conversation with choreographer Neil Greenberg) [LINK]

Merce Cunningham

Yasunao Tone

Weightless Animals

A website of interactive space cartoons, and a nine track vinyl picture disk.
A collaborative project between artists Kaffe Matthews (London), Mandy McIntosh (Glasgow) and, Zeena Parkins (NYC), which explores the sonic environments humans and animals experience through space travel. Initially the content of the work was fed by research at NASA, Houston, Texas, where the artists posed the question, “What would be your soundtrack for space?” to astronauts, mission controllers and Houstonians. [LINK] [LINK] (2014)

Documenta X “Extempore” Festival

Artificial Eye, In collaboration with video artist Janene Higgins.
Performances also at Location One, NYC and City of Women Festival, Slovenia (1997)

Z Axis Festival

Artist Curator for this 3 day Festival featuring cross-platform performances.
The Festival featured artists working in cross-platform collaborations. Music Unlimited, Wels, Austria (1997)