Detroit born and raised Zeena Parkins, takes inspiration from the utopian vision for living of the experimental case study home program (1945-66) in LA. The label shares Parkins’ musical activities and collaborations, in fits and bursts.

Live at San Damiano Mission

2019, Chaikin Records and Case Study Records co-release
Brian Chase and Zeena Parkins

Chris Cherry — recorded
Brian Chase — mixed. mastered

Thinking in Stitches

2019, Case Study Records
Green Dome
Ryan Ross Smith, Ryan Sawyer, Zeena Parkins

Shazad Ismaily Figure 8 Studio, Brooklyn — recorded
D James Goodwin, Isokon, Woodstock — mixed, mastered

$Shot, Lacey/Lauro/Parkins/Cornell

2003, Case Study Records

Zeena Parkins — foley, tambura, oscillator, ring modulator, casio keyboard, radio

Douglas Henderson, Micro-Moose Studio in Brooklyn — recorded, mixed
Mastered David Kean, Audities, Calgary, Cananda — mastered

The initial release on Case Study Records was commissioned for live performance by choreographer Jennifer Lacey. Presented in exquisite limited editions: felt, ceramic and plastic packaging. Canadian artist Chris Faulkner designed and fabricated the felt and ceramic pieces and French visual artist Nadia Lauro designed the plastic travel pillows imprinted with images from the live performance.