Dark Part

Created for DD Dorvillier’s Notthing is Importanttt. 24 loud speaker array with small box enclosures hanging low over a seated audience and moving dancers, constructed by Parkins to create sonic mist: a non-directional/non-pointillistic subtle shifting system.

Pick Up [Feedback Machine]

Created for Parkins/Lauro Stitchomythia Detect/Process/Record/Playback feedback resonance noticing and extending imprinted sonic properties of a particular performance location

Deck [Tuning Forks]

Created for Jennifer Monson’s bend the even. Tuning forks amplified with transducers offer a pitched extension to a small table-top electronic instrument that includes ever-changing components including small oscillators, pitch shifters, tremelos and ring modulation.

Diary [Piano Drone]

Created for DD Dorvillier’s Diary of an Image. Using multiple electronic bows to create continuous streams of sound that resonate, buzz, and create shifts in pitch with delicate manipulations, to defy the natural tendencies of the piano.

HRP [work-in-progress]

A new harp/performance installation with displaced ‘strings’ tuned and strung in front of multiple speakers inspired by the Palme Frond used with the Ondes Martenot. A new aluminum frame with thin metal rods that serve as slender touch plates to trigger tones that pass quietly through a room of speakers configured with strings, generating sympathetic, resonating vibrations.