●Heather Kravas
●Human Future Dance Corps
●Jennifer Lacey, Megagloss
●Dance by Neil Greenberg
●Merce Cunningham
●Body Cartography Project
●Thin Man Dance
●Compagnie Sui-Generis
●David Zambrano
●Miller Rothlein Theater
●Cathy Weis Projects
●Cydney Wilkes
●Dance Awards

Heather Kravas

Solid Objects, 2020
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Collaboration with choreographer Heather Kravas and visual artist Victoria Haven.

Punk, feminist, precise and extreme, one solid object is a choreographic abstraction grappling with the messy and incontrollable inevitability of human emotion. Utilizing borrowed movements, the dance is reduced to rhythm and essence then rebuilt through strict and sloppy repetitions. Making room for a presence of failure, physical vulnerability tangles with formal obsessions to embrace accidents, boredom, exhaustion and exuberance.

Human Future Dance Corps

DD Dorvillier

Danza Permanente, 2019

Diary of an Image, 2014
Danspace Platform, St. Mark’s Church, NYC

Danza Permanente, 2012
Kunstencentrum STUK, Leuven

Choreography, a Prologue for the Apocalypse of Understanding, Get Ready!, 2009
Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

Nottthing is Importanttt, 2007
The Kitchen NYC


Jennifer Monson

bend the even, 2018
Chocolate Factory Theater, Brooklyn
Elliott Jenetopulos, Mauriah Kraker, Regina Garcia, Susan Becker — co-collaborators

Jeff Kolar — co-composition

“The research for this project was started in February 2017 with weekly rehearsals at dawn. These rehearsals have generated material connections between light, music, and movement – not as a representation of the liminal states of dawn but as a way of accessing new frameworks for emanating presence and animacy through the three mediums.”
— Jennifer Monson

Jennifer and Zeena Parkins improvising bend the even materials

In Tow, 2016
Danspace Project, Saint Mark’s Church, NYC

Film Project, 2011-2013
The Clocktower Gallery, NYC

Atlas of Holes, 2002
Galpogaas, Brooklyn

Sender, 1997
The Kitchen, NYC

La Mer, 1995
PS 122, NYC

Tacklerock, 1994
Danspace, St. Mark’s Church, NYC

Finn’s Shed, 1991
PS 122, NYC

Ursa’s Door, 1990
Danspace  St. Mark’s Church, NYC

Ignasius Bight, 1989
PS 122, NYC

Hunk/Toad/Deliver, 1989
Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, NYC

Blood on the Saddle, 1987
Danspace,  St. Mark’s Church, NYC

Jennifer Lacey, Megagloss

Place Historique, 2015
Mona Bismarck American Center, Paris

$ Shot [Lacey, Lauro, Parkins, Cornell], 2000
Kortrijk Theater  Kortrijk, Belgium
Jennifer Lacey, Zeena Parkins, Nadia Lauro, Erin Cornell

[voice tells] 14 tiny pictures no more, no less, 1998
PS 122, NYC

Dance by Neil Greenberg

(like a vase), 2010
Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

Really Queer Dance With Harps, 2008
Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

Quartet With Three Gay Men, 2006
Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

Partial View, 2005
Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

Two, 2003
Dance Theater Workshop,NYC

Construction with Varied Materials, 2001
The Kitchen, NYC

Sequel, 2000
The Joyce Theater, NYC

My Fair Lady, Part Three, 1997
The Joyce Theater, NYC

The Disco Project, 1996
PS 122, NYC

Not-About-Aids Dance, 1994 
The Kitchen, NYC

Kick Me Dance, 1992 
La Mama Annex, NYC

Destiny Dance, 1991
PS 122, NYC 

Merce Cunningham

Second Beacon Event at Dia:Beacon, Merce Cunningham Dance Company with John King, George Lewis, Fast Forward and Zeena Parkins. Held in two parallel galleries devoted to Walter de Maria’s Equal Area series. 2009

Merce Cunningham Memorial, Merce Cunningham dancers with David Behrman, Alex Waterman, Zeena Parkins, Richard Teitelbaum & Jon Gibson. Park Avenue Armory, NYC. 2009

Body Cartography Project

Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad

Super Nature, 2012
Commissioned by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Mammal, 2010 
Les Subsistances Lyon, France
A commission from the Lyon Opera Ballet.
Score presented in four-channel surround sound.

½ Life, 2010
Southern Theater, Minneapolis
The survival of the body amidst a world of scientific research, data, and control. Score presented in four-channel surround sound and included a Max patch for ‘spinning winds’ collected from Japan, Canada and New Zealand.

Thin Man Dance, Inc.

John Jasperse

Misuse is Liable to Prosecution, 1987
Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn 

Prone, 2005 
The Kitchen, NYC

Rickety Perch, 1989
Danspace Project, St Mark’s Church, NYC

Compagnie Sui-Generis

Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh

Aboli Bibelo, 2007
Le Triangle, Rennes, France

Ici/Per.For, 2006
Theatre Philip Gerard, Paris

Croisees, 2004
La Passerelle, Saint-Brieuc, France

Sagen, 2001
La Passerelle, Saint-Brieuc, France

Le Volcan, Le Harvre, France

David Zambrano

Zeta, 2011
A performance created on the spot with dance artist David Zambrano.

Miller Rothlein Theater

Amanda Miller and Tobin Rothlein

Punch, 2011
Kimmel Center, Philadelphia
A score for voices, percussion, and strings re-imagining Stravinsky’s Pulcinella Suite. The score features: William Winant, Kristen Slipp, Gabrielle Herbst, Maggie Parkins, and Jeff Gauthier.

Cathy Weis Projects 

Cathy Weis

A Bad Spot Hurts Like Mad, 2001
The Kitchen, NYC

Cydney Wilkes

Hup 2, 1997
Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

Wolf, 1995
Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

Hup, 1992
PS 122, NYC

Angel Animal, 1990
Movement Research, NYC

Fissure, 1998
The Joyce Theater, NYC

Dance Awards

2007–2008 — ‘Bessie’ /Composer Award
“Setting the standard of excellence for original live music for contemporary dance; and for not resting on her laurels but consistently raising the bar on her own achievements.”

2006–2007 — ‘Bessie’ /Composer Award
“Adventurous and richly textured scores and musical environments in the works of such choreographers as DD Dorvillier, John Jasperse, Neil Greenberg, Jennifer Monson and others and for taking choreographer/composer collaborations to a new level of intimacy through her piercing aural insights.”

1997–1998 — ‘Bessie’ Composer Award
“For the roar of the crowd, the raw, rocking undertow and overflow of music and musicians ruthlessly closing in on the dance, in Jennifer Monson's Sender.”